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Ingredients: 100% wild harvested pine nuts, may contain pine nut film - a rich source of silicone.

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Ingredients: 100% wild harvested pine nuts, may contain pine nut film - a rich source of silicone.

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Ingredients: 100% wild harvested pine nuts, may contain pine nut film - a rich source of silicone.

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Ingredients: 100% wild harvested pine nuts, may contain pine nut film - a rich source of silicone.

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SIBERIAN PINE NUTS: The World's Best Super Food

We need your support to make wild harvested, organic Siberian pine nuts to be locally available food!

Our Contacts: Tel: 646-863-9693 |

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Siberian pine nut oil


pinenutsstore organic pine nuts

A team of brave people from Energy of Life Company, together with residents of local eco settlement, are organizing an expedition to the taiga, and will deliver to your table wholesome and fresh pine nuts within a period of two weeks after the nuts have been shelled.

pinenutsstore organic pine nuts

Siberian pine nuts are completely organic and wild harvested. They contain no GMOs and come from trees that have not been grafted. Pine nuts are 100% natural and pure, and may be called the King of Super Foods.

Siberian pine nuts are the most valuable product of all known products obtained from various plants. On average, any product—whether nuts, fruits, seeds, root vegetables, or berries—takes from three to five months to ripen, and ripening does not occur during the winter. Pine nuts ripen over a period of two years, and are a much more valuable product for human health.

Pine nuts may completely replace any product, but there is no single product that can replace pine nuts.

Pine nuts have long been used in various cuisines of the world; they are held in high regard for their unique taste and medicinal properties. With an amazing slightly sweet taste containing hints of milk, pine nuts have been used both in main dishes and desserts. The nuts have always been a delicacy and a much sought-after ingredient at the tables of nobles and kings. Modern science has studied the chemical composition of pine nuts and explained their usefulness.

Pine nuts are the absolute record-holders for containing the most vitamins. For example, in one hundred grams of nuts there are forty-eight recommended daily doses of high-quality vitamin B2; so, to make up a deficiency of this vitamin, you only need to eat two grams of pine nuts a day. One hundred grams of pine nuts also contain twenty-two recommended daily doses of natural vitamin B1, and forty percent of the recommended daily dose of organic folic acid and vitamin PP.

pinenutsstore organic pine nuts

With regard to minerals, pine nuts are no less amazing. Two hundred grams of pine nuts contain the recommended daily dose of magnesium. These nuts are also rich in potassium, phosphorus, and copper.

The protein content of pine nuts is much richer than chicken, pork or ham. Pine nuts also contain all amino acids, including the essential amino acids, as well as those that are important for children, such as arginine and histidine. The balanced protein of pine nuts is so close to the protein compounds of human tissue that 99% of this protein is capable of being assimilated by the body.

Siberian pine nuts are a concentrated source of vitamins E and P. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, capable of neutralizing the oxidizing processes in the body. As a result of its action, the level of blood cholesterol is lowered, and the body is rejuvenated.

Pine nuts contain much more vitamin E than other popular products, such as olive oil, wheat germ oil, or coconut oil. Group E vitamins, or tocopherols, are very important and essential for ensuring full transmission of genetic material. Translated from the Greek, tocopheral means "I bear offspring."

pinenutsstore organic pine nuts

The most important and significant factor in pine nuts is their content of up to 70% of valuable fats of plant origin of all three types: saturated, monosaturated, and polyunsaturated, including a high quantity of the rarest, and therefore the most valuable fatty acid, Omega-3. Omega-3 and Omega-6 are contained in pine nuts in an ideal proportion, practically 1:1

Popular scientific literature also points out that the quality of pine growing in Northern areas is much higher than those in the South. Back in 1792 academician P. S. Pallas wrote that the Siberian pine nuts rejuvenate man's power. They also bring back youthfulness, stimulate the immune system considerably, increasing the physical body's resistance against many diseases. World history knows a great number of historical phenomena directly or indirectly connected with pine. Here is one of them. A half literate countryman, Gregory Rasputin, from a remote Siberian village, was from the region where Siberian pine grows. He came to Moscow in 1907 when he was already 50 years of age. He startled the royal family, where he was heartily welcomed, because of his prophecies; He was sexually involved with many distinguished ladies. Those who were trying to kill him were shocked by the fact that having been hit by many bullets, he was still alive. His vitality was amazing. The secret was that he had been brought up in the region where pine grows and he had been fed on pine nuts. The journalists of that period summarized his endurance: "At 50 years of age, he could start an orgy at noon, continuing his drunken ordeals till 4 a. m. After erotic involvement and drinking heavily he went right to church for morning services where he prayed till 8 a.m. After returning home, he drank a lot of tea as if nothing had happened before, Grishka received visitors till 2 p.m. Then accompanied by a group of ladies, he went to a Russian bathhouse with a steamer and then went directly to a suburban restaurant. There he repeated the previous night's performance. No ordinary man could possibly stand up to that kind of routine". Today, the several times world and Olympic champion in wrestling Alexander Karelin, is also a Siberian, again from the region where Siberian pine grows. The strong man has eaten pine nuts all his life.

What we want to do.

pinenutsstore wild harvested pine nuts

A team of brave people from Energy of Life Company, together with residents of local eco settlement, are organizing an expedition to the taiga, and will deliver, to your table, wholesome and fresh pine nuts within a period of two weeks after the nuts have been shelled.
We collect pine cones that have fallen to the ground by themselves, which ensures a harvest of only ripened cones.

We take the entire cone out of the forest. Nuts in their cones can be kept for up to three years without any loss of quality.

In the warehouse, we use commercial refrigerators, which ensure the preservation of all the nutritional substances in the pine nut.

After the nuts have been shelled, they are immediately vacuum-packed, which protects the pine nuts from the oxidizing effect of the surrounding air. In addition, the packaging we use does not contain chlorine.

We do not wait until we have processed all the nuts, but ship out pine nuts in small batches to warehouses in America, Canada, and Germany.

Our warehouses are equipped with commercial freezers, which ensure the maximum preservation of the pine nuts.

Pine nuts are shipped from Russia to America only by airline over the course of two days and only in thermally insulated containers.

Mail delivery of orders is by expedited service.

No more than two weeks goes by from the instant we shell the cones until the time you receive the wholesome pine nuts! And in these two weeks the nuts are refrigerated.

After you receive your pine nuts, they must be kept in a refrigerator. For longer storage, the nuts must be placed in a freezer, where they can be kept for up to twelve months without any loss of quality.

Why we come up with this idea

We are big fans of pine nuts, for extensive period of time we try to find fresh Siberian pine nuts in stores. We go through different health food stores in every states which we visit by occasion, we search all internet sites including eBay and Amazon, the best which we found was Italian pine nuts, all other was from China (the main difference between Siberian, Chinese and Italian pine nuts you can find below in FAQ). All of them were far away from Siberian nuts by the quality, taste and health effect.

We start to think on an idea how to bring healthy Siberian pine nuts to USA. Our team strongly believe that the residents of greatest country of the world, should have the best products from all over the world, including Siberian pine nuts. We decide that healing Siberian pine nut will be our team contribution to the bright future of our great country.

Our team try to cooperate with grocery and organic stores chains.

During the last year our administrators contacted various grocery chain stores to offer fresh pine nuts coming directly from Siberia for realization. However, we received the same reply from the stores: "Chinese suppliers offer cheaper pine nuts". All our reasoning about low quality and non-fresh pine nuts which might be even dangerous for consumption was dismissed on the ground of unmerciful thesis: "The customers are interested in cheap price first of all, as cheaper as better. The quality is not that important."

We will never agree with such statement. We believe that every person wants to consume only high quality products and obtain health benefits from them. We've decided to address directly to the consumers and offer high quality, fresh Siberian pine nuts.

Our team developed a plan that can radically change the situation.

However, we need your financial support in order to implement a unique and highly productive distribution system – direct marketing of Siberian pine nuts in North America.

All initial financing will be applied to organizing the expedition in Siberian taiga and processing machinery acquisition, including:

- Off-road vehicle with extra low pressure tires for carrying pine nuts out of taiga which will not damage topsoil (unfortunately there are not roads inside taiga forests)

- Shelling machinery for pine cones and pine nuts

- Packing machinery for packaging the pine nuts into vacuum bags

- Additional commercial freezers

Also substantial financing is required for air transportation of pine nuts to North America.

We've already accomplished much:

- We rented ecologically pure section of taiga for harvesting pine nuts.

- We received a special license which allows to export pine nuts outside of Russia.

- We developed a unique system of direct marketing which allows delivering pine nuts directly to our customers within 2 weeks from the pine nut processing.

We apply procedures that protect the forest; our technologies for processing pine nuts are the best in the world; the delivery system we have developed is one of the fastest and most sophisticated; our direct-marketing technology excludes a chain of middle-men, which makes it possible to offer you the best price.

We are making an agreement with American company SIBERIAN PINES - a leading distributor of pine products in North America - to be our guarantor and selling agent.

SIBERIAN PINES company has been operating in North America since 2003 and has refrigerated warehouses in Detroit, MI, USA; Toronto, ON, Canada; Dusseldorf, Germany. SIBERIAN PINES delivers all orders through major postal companies such as USPS, UPS and Canada Post using expedited service. All orders are insured.

SIBERIAN PINES is a well known company with good reputation. You can check company website and/or social page at Facebook (about 8000 followers) to eliminate all your concerns.

All orders will be delivered or money back guarantee.

We need your support to make fresh and healing Siberian Pine Nuts to be locally available food!

You will enjoy all the health benefits from Siberian pine nuts—the King of super foods—as local Siberians have been doing for a millennium.

pinenutsstore wild harvested pine nuts

What else can you do?

Please help to spread the word about our campaign. Use the Indiegogo tools, Facebook and Twitter to let your friends, colleagues, communities and others know about the Siberian Pines mission. Every person we reach can make a difference and help to make Siberian Pine Nuts to be a local food to everybody.

Thank you all!

From the Energy of Life team


pinenutsstore eco-settlers

Energy of Life is a for-profit company, but we also want to incorporate a positive impact on society. We will contribute ten percent of our profits to global ringing cedars movement and eco settlements.

pinenutsstore eco-settlers

As we grow, we intend to cooperate with residents of eco settlements in Siberia to grow production of wild harvested, organic pine nuts which will create new jobs. We believe when people will have stable job in eco settlement, it will make much easier to move to eco settlement and help protect Siberian pines.

Also we work on preservation and restoring the population of Siberian Pines.

The value of Siberian Pine is noted in the ancient scriptures and contemporary scientific works. To our opinion, it was the most beautifully said about the pine by a resident of Siberia named Anastasia:

God created the pine to store cosmic energy...
Pines live to be five hundred and fifty years old. Day and night their millions of needles catch and store the whole spectrum of bright energy. During the period of the pine's life all the celestial bodies pass above them, reflecting this bright energy.

Siberian pine is in need for protection. With your financial support, the team of Energy of Life Company, together with residents of local Eco settlements will be able to plant 5000 seedlings of Siberian pine.

pinenutsstore eco-settlers
The nuts are now available in our online store! To buy pine nuts visit our online store.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Q: Who are they? Are they reliable?

We have dedicated a lot of time and effort to study and organise direct marketing system for Siberian pine nuts. We really want to make Siberian pine nuts your local food. We have a clear plan, are making good progress and will continue to do so.

If you have any concerns or questions we would be happy to answer you in person.

Q: What will the funds raised be spent on?

We rent 8000 acres of Siberian taiga where we can gather the pine nuts, we have warehouse where we will process and pack pine nuts. However, our production capacities are not enough to maintain stable business. We need additional funds to acquire new and more powerful machinery for processing and carrying out pine nuts from the taiga.

We will spend the funds on making the very highest quality pine nuts and delivery to you.

Q: When I should expect my Siberian pine nuts?

First butch of packed pine nuts we expect to receive in our US warehouse between beginning of December 2015 and end of January 2016 depending on harvest availability and volume of orders. Orders will be sent on the first-buy-first-sent basis.

Q: What about Chinese pine nuts? I saw them in local food store.

Pine nuts must be fresh to benefit the body. But what is going on today? Before they reach a satisfied purchaser in the United States or Canada, pine nuts pass through many middlemen over the course of 16 to 19 months.

As soon as the nuts are extracted from the cone, they begin to lose their medicinal qualities. So, to make the harvesting of the nuts easier, the cones are shelled right in the forest, and only the nuts are brought out. The harvesting takes approximately three to four months. Then the nuts are taken to the base, where hundreds of tons of nuts are accumulated for export to China; this process takes another three to four months. Then the nuts are loaded onto rail cars and moved through Russia and China to the maritime regions of China; this procedure takes from one and a half to two months. To minimize expenses during the process of harvesting and transport, the nuts are stored under awnings in bags or in a pile, and so the nuts are subject to mold, the so-called "blue mold." Naturally, the nuts continue to lose their medicinal properties. One train can contain up to five hundred tons of pine nuts; each year more than twenty thousand tons of pine nuts are exported from Russia to China.

Then the processing of the pine nuts begins. It takes up to five months to process a large quantity of nuts. Afterwards, the nuts are loaded into ship containers and travel to North America, which usually takes two months. But this is not yet all: once in the warehouse, the nuts are distributed to stores and delivered in trucks, which takes another month. How much time passes before you see nuts on the shelves? No one knows, but let's add one more month for the rotation of stock in the stores. In this case, there is no point in even mentioning the storage temperature or even vacuum packaging—here this would be of no help whatsoever. The instant the shell was removed from the nut, the oxidation of the fats in the nuts begins; these processes accelerate at the high temperatures—up to plus 50 degree Celsius—found in the closed, unventilated containers on the deck of a ship exposed to direct sunlight.

So, 19 months goes by! From the day the nuts are found in the forest to the day you buy them in a store: A year and a half! Any type of freshness is out of the question.

And now, pay particular attention! If you thought that the nuts on store shelves being a year and a half old was the biggest problem, you couldn't be more wrong.

In order to increase their profit from the processing of pine nuts, Chinese producers initially extract the oil from the nuts using a chemical means that does not disturb/destroy the structure of the nut. This is done to derive the greatest profit, because pine nut oil is worth more than 80 dollars a kilogram on the market. So, they have already made money from the oil, and they are now making money from the nuts; here is the Chinese "miracle."

This is how it happens:

Obtaining the oil using extraction. The extraction method of removing oil is the most economical and ensures the maximum yield of the raw oil.

Sunflower seeds, pine nuts, cotton seeds, linen seeds, peanuts and others are processed in the same way.

The basis of the extraction process is the ability of vegetable oils to dissolve in organic solvents. In China and other countries, extractive brand Abenzine and petroleum distillates are used as solvents to extract oil from the raw plant materials. Extractive benzines belong to the aliphatic hydrocarbons, and are a mixture of saturated, unsaturated, and a small quantity of aromatic hydrocarbons. They have a boiling point of 63–95ºC. Benzines that contain aromatic hydrocarbons are good at dissolving not only oil, but also fatty substances (phospholipids, pigments, waxes), which degrade the quality of the oil. Then the nuts are dried, washed, and again dried for the purposes of later sale.

Any dietitian will tell you that products like these should not be consumed: they are hazardous to your health.

Here are few facts:

In 2006, in Moscow, for the first time in the centuries-old history of Russia, a large number of cases of food poisoning from pine nuts was recorded.

After a careful investigation, it was revealed that the pine nuts had been brought from China after processing.

That same year, the Russian government placed a ban on the import of pine nuts onto the territory of Russia. Thus, Russians discovered just what "pine mouth" was.

Many people suffer from this problem in the United States; here is an excerpt from an official FDA web-site

In the past year FDA has received a number of consumer complaints regarding a bitter metallic taste associated with pine nuts. This taste, known as "pine mouth," typically begins 12 to 48 hours after consuming pine nuts, and lasts on average between a few days and two weeks. It is exacerbated by consumption of any other food during this period and significantly decreases appetite and enjoyment of food.

In addition, anyone interested can familiarize themselves with the problem by typing pine mouth into any search engine.

Another problem is the corruption associated with the export of the nuts from Russia to China. Pursuant to Russian legislation, a special licence must be obtained to export nuts outside of Russia. According to official statistics, licences were issued in 2014-2015 for the export of only 100 tons of nuts, including the licence issued to our company. But according to the statistics kept by human rights organizations, including the World Wildlife Federation, more than twenty thousand tons of pine nuts were exported from Russia to China!

If you ask any pine nut harvester in Siberia, where the pine nuts are sold, you will be told that they are sold to China without any licences. This is possible because of certain people who, for a bribe, are prepared to transport any quantity of nuts across the border.

Because of corruption and production technologies that are hazardous to health, which the people processing the nuts fail to mention. Russian companies, including ours, do not even have a chance to deliver quality products when faced with the lowered prices and unscrupulous competition of Chinese producers.

Q: What about Italian pine nuts?

Italian pine nuts, off course, much better then Chinese ones, but they cannot be considered organic and wild harvested because they are grooving in artificial plantations in Italy and as any cultivated plant goes through fertilisation proses.

Also back in 1792 Academician P. S. Pallas has told us that the healing qualities of pine increase as one moves closer to the border of forest tundra. This means that the Siberian one is more powerful.

Other problem is freshness of Italian pine nuts, in any case it will take several month before you buy them in local store.

The main problem with Italian pine nuts, that they are grafted on fast growing, nutless pine tree. You can find many warnings from different sources about danger of grafted plants.

The nuts are now available in our online store! To buy pine nuts visit our online store

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